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December 12, 2008


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Standards of behavior, doing what's right, is not something that comes and goes depending on outside circumstances. Who we are is demonstrated, not by our greatest actions, but by the unimportant ones, like who we seek to associate with. I'm not surprised that Governor Blagojevich has been indicted, his very strong friendship with Rezko told me what I need to know. I hope that without money to defend himself, Governor Blagojevich will be kind to himself and sing his heart out and save us all from other equally corrupt politicians and their aides.

Maybe there's good in all of this. Americans need to pay attention when they vote, not just to promises, but the history of the candidate, his friends, and how he/she rose up the ladder of success. The total picture is necessary to assess if the candidate deserves to represent the people.


As reported on's Political Bulletin this morning:

"Jackson Now Seen As Unlikely To Replace Obama The Hill reports, "Most political watchers in Illinois agree that" Jackson, "once a leading candidate to succeed...Obama in the Senate, is now a long shot to fill the seat." Jackson is "believed to be 'Senate Candidate 5'" in the criminal complaint, and he "did not help his own cause by holding a bizarre press conference on Capitol Hill Wednesday during which he left more questions unanswered than answered. ... To political observers, the press conference marked the end of Jackson's hopes of securing Obama's seat."

The fact that JJ Jr. will not become the next Senator from Illinois is in itself worth the price of admission.

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