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December 27, 2008


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Ah, if only it were up to us. Unfortunately, the winner in 2012, as in 2008, will be whomever the MSM decides to cram down our throats.
That said, I'm ready to work my ass off for whichever woman comes to the fore to challenge obama for the office.
Is it possibly to reassert the true electorate in this country? How do we circumvent the scumbag/corporate media who presumes to decide for us - and will sacrifice any illusion of journalistic integrity to tear down a worthy candidate (HRC)in favor of a hip candidate -no matter how corrupt, unworthy & inexperienced he might be?


I have vited for very few people. I have voted against many more.


Things will be getting a lot worse before they get better in this country and we might very well still be sliding downward come 11/12. I doubt that, barring any miraculous economic upturn, Obama will be very popular come the next election, and it won't be through any fault of his, that's just the way it will play. On the other hand, I am pretty sure that no matter how bad things are there will be no Democratic challengers so it will be the Republican party's election to lose next time around. There is a slight possibility that there will be enough disillusioned democrats joining the republican party to affect changes from within, but not likely.

Australia sounds nice.



Every one talks about reform but when it comes to talking about an option out side the 2-party system it's a no no. Just because it didn't work in the past that doesn't means it will not ever. what happened this year the likes of it this country never seen before. The democratic party should be exposed big time, no holding back. A new approach to the existing party system should be debated all the time so people at least develop some guts to warm up to the idea. Taking that debate out side the net also is a big plus. The big mistake in my opinion during we didn't give Hillary a place to go, that is why she caved in. I am not saying it is our fault she caved in, but the criminal activities of the MSM and the party during the primaries would have been exposed if there was a solid mass doing it.

Nancy Armstrong

I don't have an answer about 2012 but I am doing something here in Kansas. I am starting a grassroots movement to rid this state of the caucuses. I spoke to the new chairman of the elections committee in the standard we do things different in the Republican caucuses and we had a budget shortfall...I have designed a flyer I will be e-mailing to friends in Kansas and handing out with Steve Hubert's number on it asking for an end to caucuses. After that I am not certain where to go! At least I have one goal to achieve.

The Democratic Party does need more transparency but with Obama leading it can we really expose anything?

Hey wouldn't it be great if we could have something other than a 2 party system? I know it doesn't work!


I have no answers about 2012. I'm wondering if it's worth voting anymore.

Or trying to "save" the Democratic Party.

Frankly, I think we should focus on women and consciousness-raising! AGAIN!!! You have to wake women up before we get any real clout...

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