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December 08, 2008


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Is this blogger one of the self-described "progressives" who backed Obama during the primaries and election? I think the "we" probably refers to the other self-described "progressives" who supported Obama.

Favreau's writing will "define a generation?" Can this generation be more vapid than the X-generation? If this is the writing that defines it - yes!


"...sexism, disrespect, and *tinges of misogyny*??" Holding a woman's head back by her hair while pouring alcohol down her throat is frat-boy rape.

No wonder this writer thinks Favreau has talent.

susan h

All anyone has to do is replace Hillary Clinton's caricataure with that of Michelle Obama and see what happens. Stop mistreatment of Sarah Palin and dish it out to Michelle Obama instead. Anytime a woman is abused, mistreated, demeaned, called names, etc., replace that person's image with the image of Michelle Obama. Perhaps Mr. Obama will get the message. Considering how dense he is, maybe not, but I still hold out HOPE that perhaps seeing Michelle Obama in these miserable scenarios something might CHANGE.


I have only one thought. The supposed future president himself carried out several adolescent and belittling and sexist behaviors himself -- from his use of "periodically down" to flipping Hillary the finger and brushing her off his shoulder. The problem started at the top -- or the top was easily bamboozled by his campaign team, including a still-adolescent mid-twenties frat child who could write boilerplate and fool a few too many people. All of this is so tragic and sad for American women. But we are strong and we shall overcome, too.


I would have the photo shopped version of the cardboard cutout with Michelle Obama's face made into a postcard with the words "does it offend you now, James?" sent to James Carvelle in care of Wolf Blitzer CNN-News. Thousands of them

I gather Riverdaughter has been shamed by her hypercritical sisters into taking down the pictures with MO instead of Hillary. This is how we stand in a circle and shoot ourselves.

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