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December 01, 2008


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Heidi - great post!

I have created a petition which I will send to Gov. David Paterson, asking him to appoint a woman to Senator Clinton's seat. If you and your readers agree, I'd appreciate as many signatures as possible!


Not only should Paterson appoint a woman to the Senate seat, he should take a LONG hard look at the 7 names on the list submitted to him by the NY State Commission on Judicial Nominations with recommendations to replace Chief Justice Judith Kaye as she is reaching the mandatory age of retirement, 70. Kaye was the FIRST woman ever to sit on the NY Court of APpeals (the highest state court in NY) and of course the first woman to be Chief Justice of the NY Court of Appeals.
The list has 7 names, ALL MALE!!

According to one article, Patterson was disturbed by this list containing NO FEMALE recommendations and only one non-white recommendation. One woman who SHOULD have been named, was expected to have been named and was NOT named was Judge Carmen Ciparick, a WOMAN now sitting on the Court of Appeals of HIspanic heritage. THAT is what you should be up in arms about. UNACCEPTABLE doesn't begin to describe this bullcrap!

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