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December 29, 2008


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I was worried about this when they started moderating the Blagojevich comments. Some things are simply verboten.



I just looked through their proposals for "woman" on that website, it is deplorable, looks like a programm that might have been proposed 40 years ago, quite old fashioned, one could say!


ack... I supposed I should not be surprised, but I am. Can they not even answer the questions? Good lord.

Equal Rights

So, why don't we formulate two or three well-worded questions to submit regarding sexism and misogyny, and then everyone can vote on them?


Mob voting even on which questions citizens are allowed to ask their government? Good god.

This whole election has become surreal, not least from the fact that the Whole Foods Nation that selected Obama seems to have turned into MySpace Nation.


I wonder whether they tag key words such as sexism and misogyny...perhaps we could formulate questions that describe those issues without using those particular words, submit them and watch to see whether they, too, are redacted.

Welcome to Life in the Surreal Lane...

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