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December 10, 2008


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No way would I sign that petition. Who decided those three would be the most capable candidates?
Carolyn Maloney should be first and foremost on any list of considerations.

Nadler? The same Nadler who went down to Florida to convince Jewish seniors that Obama will be a friend to Israel?
Leecia Eve? She has never held an elected office, although her daddy has. Caroline Kennedy is just as qualified as she is.
Gillibrand? She is a bit too much like a conservative republican for my tastes. Doesn't she oppose gun control, and I am not too crazy about her closed minded ideas about illegal immigrants.

What about Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez? Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney? Both women who have worked long and hard in their respective seats. Velazquez is my pick.


It's a great petition and one I would sign if the name Carolyn Maloney were included. Maybe you could pass that along to the author?

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