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December 04, 2008


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To be fair, this seems to be coming from the NY chapter (as opposed to the national part of the organization). If I remember correctly, the NY chapter, and several other chapters, specifically disavowed the national NARAL endorsement of Obama.

If that's right (that it's chapter generated) then I feel sorry for the NY chapter because their own national organization has hamstrung their efforts on reproductive rights in their rush to embrace the 'cool' candidate. What's more, they sacrificed the support of their base just at the point in time when it is most needed. The national organization did their chapters and reproductive rights generally a grave disservice by endorsing Obama before the primaries were over.

Woman Voter

I think it may be a case of to little to late. I don't have the trust I did before the primaries in women's organizations. I really think that a women who had given 35+ years of dedication was summarily thrown under the bus, for the PR campaign with no history/record behind it. They have lost my support.


WV, I agree, that is why I feel bad for the affiliates. They did not agree with or participate in the national decision, but I don't feel like I can trust NARAL as a whole. It will be a very cold day in h*ll before I give any sort of support to NARAL, national or chapter level. My local chapter will suffer (Mass. was one of the chapters that protested the decision) because of the ill-considered and stupid actions of the national organization. NY and MA protested at the time but it's just not good enough.


I won't support NARAL or Emily's List or NOW. Those organizations lost all credibility in 2008.


Hillary Clinton was the candidate they were waiting for....the knife they used to stab her was double sided and they inflected a mortal wound on themselves .


I used to support NARAL and NOW and Emily's list with what little amount of money I could afford. They, like the Democratic Party will never again get a penny from me. I don't support women who don't support women and I don't support parties that support misogyny!

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