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December 05, 2008


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Today Hillary Clinton lost one her most avid and devoted supporters. I am sure she won't care in the least bit. 18 million cracks my .....
Her response to the absolutely disgusting, sexist, misogynistic photo with that stupid ass kid who writes flowery blabber for obama was much much worse in my mind then the idiot kid's posing drunk in the picture. This is NOT the woman I want as a role model for my daughters. No way, no how, NO HILLARY!@


I just read this:

Dean Jokes About Not Getting Rahm's Job
In a forthcoming interview, DNC Chairman Howard Dean noted that Rep. Rahm Emanuel wasn't an early fan of his 50-state strategy, which helped put Barack Obama in the White House.

When asked if he felt vindicated, Dean said, "Rahm ended up as chief of staff to Barack Obama, so I don't feel too vindicated."

He added, "I might have been right but I'd rather be chief of staff."



The Obama group raised some 750 million dollars and the DNC has to go begging. Now the Obama group is rewarding supporters with appointments
and probably an appointment or two to the Senate. (Yes, I know governors appoint but there may be some arm twisting). It would appear to me that nothing much has or will change. It is still "How much are you willing to give me for this appointment?" George Washington was right when he said political parties will corrupt and destroy democracy.


Give it to Claire by all means. The final nail in the DNC's coffin. I am happy that I finally made my way to Independence. I can understand many of my Republican friends better now. I won't join them but I think we all can do better than either side.

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