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December 17, 2008


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Thank you for posting this! I was lucky enough to learn from a great feminist anthropologist at USC - Dr. Amy Parish. She demonstrated to her students how popular beliefs about women/females are many times in direct opposition to empirical facts. Issues such as abortion, infanticide, domestic violence, mate choice, menopause, and so many more were discussed. She really helped me understand the cycle of cultural beliefs affecting scientific study & interpretation, leading to increased sexism/misogyny (this time backed up by scientific evidence). Her courses were one of the best and most beneficial experiences of my college years. Dr. Parish always gave credit to her mentor, feminist anthropologist Dr. Sarah Hrdy, so it's wonderful to read about a pioneer in the same field.

Also, I'm really ecstatic & encouraged by the creation of 51 Percent, and I look forward to donating as soon as I can!

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