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January 28, 2009


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Stray Yellar Dawg

Holy cr**.

When will I wake up from this nightmare?

Nothing here is the way it seems....


Saw this cross-posted @ RD. It is NOT satisfying to be able to say, "I told you so," on this one. Certainly a cynical message being sent to the so-called 'feminists' who supported him.

Don't worry girls, I'll just put it in that bill over there (of course we may not get to that on for awhile). I just LOVED Boehner's characterization of it as, "hundreds of millions of dollars for contraceptives!" Just imagine, people using contraceptives - hey, wouldn't that reduce the number of abortions (which you claim to care about).

Forgive the snark. You can probably see the steam coming out of my ears. GREAT post, Heidi.


What disturbs me is that Obama didn't really have to give in on this. The subsequent vote bears that out. Again, the lack of spine by Democrats portends poorly for "change".
They have a mandate and they choose to listen to the losers? The Republicans didn't bat an eyelash when they ran rough herd over the Democrats for the last 8 years. It is past time to stop playing politics with people's health and well being.


Heidi, add THIS to your list of insults!!! Couldn't believe it when I saw it...,and it's been buried, of course...I happened Monday...

The Bush I-Clinton Roadshow Takes the Low Road in New Orleans at Guess Who’s Expense? (Hint: Women, of Course)


It was to be expected from this "feminist icon" called Barry Obama! And MS Magazine should be ashamed of itself for promoting this misleading, fraudulent cover of him as "feminist"! I discontinued my subscription as of the date this ignominious cover came out and have persuaded many more to follow suit.

Periodically, the Prez will feel 'down' and start launching calculated attacks on women's rights to boost his horsetrading appeal....


Heidi, sorry for posting again, but how does this latest negligent action on Obama's part compare against his granting over $200 million dollars for condoms. No Quarter had a good post satirizing the $200,000,000 given out by the Obama gang for condoms! Wouldn't you say that the Medicaid Family Planning Option would have delivered more concrete results and benefit women more than this stupid $200 million to save men the trouble of buying condoms to protect their partners? What gives here? And thanks for a great insightful post! Wonder how many women are aware of this...


Mary, the Medicaid Family Planning Option was also the so-called "condom handout bill". I know we like to jump on Obama for everything but even he can't ride two horses at once.

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