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January 20, 2009


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Heidi, thank you again for your thoughtful posts. It is often disheartening to see the sexism in the political world brushed aside. In the case of Mrs. Schlossberg, I have been at a loss through this whole ordeal to see how Paterson appointing here because of perceived "benefits for NY" or "fundraising advantages" is one whit different from the allegations against Gov. Blagoevich.

I also wonder about the flip side of that, i.e, did Sen. Kennedy and/or Mayor Bloomberg imply that such things would NOT be forthcoming if Mrs. Schlossberg were NOT chosen. How is this not influence peddling? I seriously want to get a straight anwer on this.

Stray Yellar Dawg

Paterson did his job well!

And, how dare that Uppity Bluedog! "Nobody even likes her!"

Well, wah, wah, effin wah.

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