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January 15, 2009


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Touche, Heidi, You really nailed this one, especially with that final zinger - Ms.Spillar's demonstration that a woman can be a misogynist. Speaking of which, need I mention Arianna Huffington and Maureen Dowd? Those two have bought their way into the good old boys media network by incessantly trashing any woman who dares set foot on the national political stage.

I'm appalled when I read of the invites Dowd has received during the run up to the inauguration. She's treated as if she's actually a journalist.

Amy Siskind

Wow - very powerful and well written Heidi. Bravo! Yes...sigh...women can be misogynists as easily and men can be feminists....


I was laughing out loud when I read this! I was saying the EXACT SAME THING to someone yesterday: that they could have put Bill Clinton on the cover for furthering his wife's career and his staff choices as president, or they could have chosen Terry McAuliffe!

Tell it like it is Heidi- great article.




If the cover increases sale for this edition, Ms. Mag should enjoy it while it lasts. True worth of a publication is the content and the integrity of people running it. With that said, let's see how long Ms. Mag can last and how much $$$$ it will drain it's backers and investors.


The New Agenda created a photo album on their facebook page to collect images of what a real feminist looks like. It would be cool to get a huge response and collection. Then we can send Ms Mag over there for ideas on their next cover! I'm going to put mine up. I'm definitely a feminist!


Excellent response to the anaemic pseudo-feminist editor of a magazine that was once a battlecry for women's rights and has now been reduced to a public relations tool for selling the Obama brand to gain favors with Zeus knows what and whom. It sure won't get MS additional thinking women readers!

I sent MS a letter and asked them to remove me form their list and said that I fully expected that "Barack will occasionally feel down and start launching attacks against women's rights to boost His appeal"....And, then, watch our claws come out to scratch him off the ballots and force him, hopefully, to seek asylum back in the Chicago rat-sewers where he refined his political skills and tactics that spell hara-kiri for women's rights....


Brava Heidi once again, and Brava Amy! Until we can all speak out about the absence of clothes on the Emperor, misogyny, perpetrated by either gender, will continue, especially when masked behind the desire to exploit for financial gain. It is indeed a shame that people like Ms. Spillar are allowed to populate media.

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