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January 24, 2009


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I say this is an excellent choice and Pateron stepped away from the political trap set for him in making it. Props to the good Governor.


Heidi, there are a bunch of news reports detailing Gillibrand's 'evolving' opinion on gay marriage. She spoke with the head of Empire State Pride Agenda, who has said "I am very happy to say that New York is poised to have its first U.S. Senator who supports marriage equality for same-sex couples."

I've looked around a bit and can't tell whether this is really a change or whether she has walked back the opinion that it should be left up to the states.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, didn't know if you'd seen this particular sub-hoopla over her appointment.


Hi Heidi,

Hope you're fully recovered soon. We've missed you!

And I was pleased to get your take on Kirstin Gillibrand because I really like what I've read and heard about her. The Kennedy/Obama suporters are a little disgruntled, but oh, well.

Take care.


As I stated in the previous post, perhaps Governor Paterson has some cajones afterall!
Gillibrand would not be my first choice (I preferred Maloney or even Cuomo), but she is a good choice for the State of New York and for the democratic ticket.
Regardless of the slant that the nytimes tries to put on it, Kennedy obviously backed out to save face since she knew she was not getting the nod. That alone is enough for me to see she doesn't have what it takes to play the political game.

However, the REAL important issue here is YOUR HEALTH!! Get better VERY soon. You just have to and there is no room for debate on that!


I think Gillibrand is a great choice, and it occurs to me that perhaps Maloney should primary SCHUMER? I'd like to see us shake things up, and Maloney would be good!

Stray Yellar Dawg

Thank you for your clear interpretation of Gillibrand's positions.

I am quite happy with the choice! Would love to be able to vote for her some day!


This is a focused, objective, fair assessment of Kirsten Gillebrand's potential and the Governnor's wise decision to appoint a competent (if not popular!) woman with chutzpah to Hillary Clinton's seat. Karma, anyone? Kirsten's position of gay rights allows civil marriage and I think that to be her personal view, although, being a pragmatic politician she had to abide by her constituents' beliefs earlier in the game. She certainly seems to have more experience than Obama prior to running for president! She's spoken passionately of her grandmother Polly Rutnick and was on board of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee. I wonder why she is not using her maiden name (Rutnick) as well, though, in view of her passionately attributing her feminist leanings to her women's rights advocate-grandmother. I do hope she develops a more focused and interesting agenda in women's rights issues (reproductive, women's health, education) and drops some of her more hard-line conservative viewpoints.
Heidi, nice to know you're back and recovering. All the very best (I am a believer in orthodox medicine but only in conjunction with alternative which seems to have worked for us and subscribe to Dr. Joseph Mercola's phenomenally informative, well-researched Natural Health e-newsletter).


Gov. Paterson's choice has impressed me in several ways and it restores some of the believe in politics lost along the the way. A principled poltitician like Kirsten Gillibrand is an excellent choice.

I am very glad you reappeared on my radar, Heidi, and I hope you will take all the time you need to fully recover.

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