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January 20, 2009


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Thanks for speaking for many of us who are still too numb from the experience of being shoved aside throughout the primary and general election to articulate our feelings on this occasion.

Take care.


Well said, Heidi. This is a terribly painful day and one that can't end too soon. We have lots of work ahead of us.


What makes Mrs. Clinton's leadership so extraordinary is that she exemplifies the power of pushing through the inner pain or going around it or using it to fuel continuing achievements.

I am continually amazed by her strength and grace. I feel like I've cried more for her than she has! She is truly a leader, showing the way to persevere, even in the face of hostility and injustice.

And the pain of today is that I didn't want just "any" woman to be president. THIS woman embodies the women's rights struggle. She has given her life to it's cause, and earned the right to be THE first woman president in American history. She also would have been one of the greatest presidents--period--male or female. I will watch her career with great interest and support.


Lovely articulation of the ache and pain that truly overwhelmed me today, Heidi. As always, you put it in perspective and pointed toward a more constructive use of it. THANK YOU.


I have said before, and say again today that my pain and anger over what was done to Senator Clinton will not fade. I see no reason to let it. It's a badge, a reminder. And you are wise Heidi to remind us that we must choose what we are going to do with that anger. I choose to stand with you and everyone else committed to helping women achieve full representation in our society, and advance the promulgation of universal human rights.

I do take solace in the hope that as Secretary of State, Senator Clinton will change the culture of Foggy Bottom to help direct the nation to use our influence and diplomatic networks to benefit those who are governed, over the interests of those who rule over them. We'll have to see if the Resident will allow her to do so.


My feeling is that some of the pain was not caused by events in the last year, but came from wounds being reopened exposing just how little progress we have made on women's issues. In 1959 I lived in a town with an all black high school; today we swore in a black president. That's 50 years of real progress. There is a lesson to be learned and I see Hillary Clinton as the signpost for a brighter future. She is a harbinger of change and she is a natural leader who has already left a historical legacy. I give all due credit to my friend, Heidi Li, as well who is going to keep the ball rolling forward. She too, is a changeling and a role model. Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen. The old ways will not suffice any longer.


Thank you for your fluency which expresses the sadness of so many.

To inaugurate a president who got there through fraud, mysogyny, and thuggery is not progress. Furthermore, the new President lacks the experience and judgment that America needs.

You do right to remind us of Hillary's example to be strong and continue. To help others, to work for social justice by what ever means we have, whenever we can -- that is important in life.


Heidi Li, Many thanks for this post. The lassitude I have felt over the past two weeks may have camoflauged the pain.


She was just confirmed as Secretary of State and that pleases me. Now her many talents will not go to waste.

Can we hope for 2012?

Stray Yellar Dawg

Interesting to note that the pain trickles down... even to the next generation:

The consequences of the sexism we have endured will not be easy to remedy.


"Citing personal reasons, Caroline Kennedy ends her bid for Senator."

Hmmm, perhaps Gov. Paterson has a bit of that "testicular fortitude" after all.


Thank you Heidi. Words of wisdom.


Stray Yellar Dawg, thanks for that link to the blogpost. It seems the girls did not buy into what they were told by the MSM. I am glad to read in the full report that they remain undaunted and intend to pursue goals to elective offices despite the difficulties they perceive.

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