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January 26, 2009


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Thank you Heidi. As usual, your analysis is insightful. If we truly have a working team that support one another in the diplomatic arena there is a chance that the US will contribute to solving a few of the world's problems we now encounter.

Let us hope that the Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank begin to have a team effort as well. They also need the brightest and the best to help define and understand the interconnections of nations in the flow of financial instruments. We can no longer afford to operate the financials markets with 20th century models anymore than we can operate the State Department as an arm of the Department of Defense.


I have had the feeling that the Clinton team negotiated most successfully with Obama for power. She, in fact, may be his saving grace. She knows how to rise above pain, that is for certain. I personally still cannot support him because of his dastardly abuse of American women to achieve his own power. I don't think we can overlook that because his bad behavior is seeping through our culture and will hurt many women and their families for years to come. I do recall in an old study, however, that God can use evil for good. Nevertheless, may we all somehow benefit from this emerging "partnership."


These are positive signs indeed; thanking you Heidi for pointing them out. In the end, it doesn't really matter whether we like someone or not, as long as things get done for the better in an effective and creative way. Maybe some of our doubts will be dispelled, especially if Hillarys influence keeps on allowing bold steps. Nevertheless, the way Obama got to where he is remains to be a very disturbing phenomenon to me.


Given the hatred for the Clinton's by both Left and Right, being Obama's SOS was the only way Hillary Clinton would be, at least, co-POTUS. It's very, very clever....That's our girl


Thank you Heidi Li for this analysis of the potential relationship between Clinton and Obama. While I watch the magicians other hand, I remain open to positive outcomes however they can be achieved.


Does anyone know anything about and/or Ann Lewis?

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