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January 31, 2009


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Great article. I've seen those Nike ads all over NYC.

One thing to point out is that the younger generation isn't especially accepting. I work in the entertainment industry, traditionally a liberal industry, and people who don't know I'm gay have made very inappropriate comments in my presence. "That's so gay" (not a compliment) being a favorite one. These are young men in their 20s.

Also, I worked on a popular MTV series that features many interviews with high school students discussing their classmates. "He's gay" and "He's a faggot" are very common insults these high school students throw at their classmates. (None of this ever makes it into the final product, of course.)

If we're waiting for young people to end homophobia - we're going to be waiting for a very long time.


Thanks for the good news about 51 percent and your hard work for it.

The other day I learned that the Spanish President held a public meeting, inviting 100 citizens to directly ask him a question each:
51 woman and 49 men were chosen, according to the demographic representation of women and men in the population.


DYB, when some says " that's so gay" , I assume they mean it's something to which thought was given. We live in a society in which it's far easier to obtain a machine gun than anti depressants. It seems anything that's about provention or thinking about others can get one called a " faggot"

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