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January 25, 2009


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Did you read the article at the DoS website about HRC meeting with the woman justices, and attorneys from Afghanistan?

So far Secretary Clinton is doing exactly what I would expect. It's bitter sweet is it not? Just imagine what would be happening with her in the Oval.

Thanks for the tip on the state blog too.


Well, I dipped into the hermeneutic context of Rudyards Kiplings poem; from what we know about the Taliban's and other warlord's rule I am convinced that the grueling, bellicose environment has not changed a great deal in the plains and mountains of Afghanistan. Our hope can only rest with HRC, doing the best possible thing under the additional mess we have been left with by the Bushies.


Although weaving through the sticky wickets of international diplomacy can be daunting, there is no doubt Secretary Clinton is more than capable of the task. If past is indeed prologue, then we may all rest a bit more comfortably day or night with her navigation skills, keen eye and deep insights regarding the global landscape.

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