Terry McAuliffe's Conversation with Virginians

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January 04, 2009


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This is exciting. Being me, my mind has already made the leap forward to Terry's future after he completes his term as Governor. Maybe a running mate to Hillary in 2016? I am loving watching my state morph like this.

Mary Lou

I'm a Virginian who watched Mr. McAuliffe introduce Sen. Clinton at a number of campaign events. His enthusiasm for her candidacy and for her as a person overflowed.
It will be a pleasure to support him - and Jody Wagner, who is looking to become the first woman to hold high office in Virginia, for Lieutenant Governor.


I'm seeing a few people note that since Tim Kaine is considered a "moderate" in Virginia that McAuliffe's climb is very steep. What do you think Heidi Li? Does he actually stand a chance?

I'm sure Bill Clinton will be stomping for him, and Hillary will try to help (as Secretary of State she couldn't really campaign for him.) But are McAuliffe's chances actually good?


I just LOVE this guy! Almost enough to make me want to move to Virginia if he wins! Aside from his politics, and his never waivering support of Hillary Clinton; this guy has more energy than anyone around, never seems to lose his temper or optimism, is funny as hell and cute as a button to boot :)
All in all he will make a great candidate and a great governor.

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