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February 01, 2009


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Great post indicative of the advancement of European mentality compared to the antideluvian Bushian throwback to the 50s. But when you view ads like the one submitted to NBC (no mean misogynists themselves!) by PETA and vilifying and exploiting crudely and blatantly women as sex objects to support....vegetarianism...well, one can only dream of this type of political wisdom shown by Icelandians! Meantime, the current administrations promotes its most viciously misogynist supporters by giving them the "Director of Speechwriter" and "Senior Director of Multilateral Relations" posts. Sexist punk Jon Favreau and the clueless Ivy Tower academician Powers are finding kindred spirits in the Obama White House in the presence of Larry "Girls-Can't do Sciences" Summers....
And to think Canada has a constitutionally-entrenched gender equality clause since 1982....shame...


There was a report out a few weeks ago that said women are allowed to take over a company only when it is tanking. When a company is prosperous, a male will get the job.


Sometimes, when I see a picture of the cocky boy's club at the WH, I want to scream. 51 percent is very much needed, the only way to change is building our very own grassroots. Have no doubt, boys like Jon Favreau are fertilizers to our movement.


jmac, that has been my theory in terms of a woman president here. Only when the men have totally messed up the place, will women be allowed to rule. It's sort of like a poster I saw years ago: "the meek are contesting the will."


Purplefinn, in the U.S. we decided to let the minority male handle the mess instead of the more capable female. Maybe he can clean it up, or maybe, maybe we'll finally give a female a try. It's just too bad we passed on the most capable and informed female around.


Heidi, I do believe that all of the variables are at odds with a socially immature electorate who routinely vote without understanding the issues and that gender and sexual orientation have little to do with quality leadership ability. We have miles to go before this country is ever genderblind much less gay affirmative, but at least the path has been forged.

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