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February 20, 2009


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When it comes to a lack of character, the Resident is leading by example. Lack of character and poor judgement clearly was not a hinderance for the executive, so why should Senator Burris have to pay the price? He fits in quite nicely with the rest of the criminals on Capitol Hill.

Where's Mr. Smith when you need him? Oh wait, Blago said he's Mr. Smith.

Oy vey .


I believe part of the problem is that after 8 years of disinformation, subterfuge, finagling, treason, lying and all sorts of mischief, Roland Burris and his bare naked ambition receives more attention and calls to action than any of the aforementioned treachery. There is more than something wrong with that picture. Where was the Democratic leadership before Blago and Burris?


the democratic leadership? they were dead last year.

Dan D.

Is this Blagojevich 2.0? Senator Roland Burris deliberately misled us in regard to his involvement with Blagojevich and like Blagojevich refused to acknowledge what he had done wrong when he was caught.

Why did both Blagojevich and Burris think that they could get away with their deceptions and lies? Why the brazen effort to try and retain their positions of power?

What does this do to the confidence of voters in the political system and the government to see such open and unashamed attempts to gain personal advantage from public service?

Dan Decker


I loved Heidi Li's:

The "tax evader Timothy Geithner and the generally evasive Bill Richardson"....

No wonder politicians have a "crook and liar" reputation. And when I think that Tom Daschle was "working" in a law firm and drawing about a quarter million bucks just to whisper sweet nothings to the ears of his fellow congressmen--when, in fact, he was not even a lawyer.....

But it is no wonder that it is Barry Obama that (almost) appointed this joker to the Chief of Health and Pharma position. Like Barry O. writing his familial dreams and skinny careerings, Slippery Tommy has been preparing Himself by writing books on the health crisis. With the exception of Hillary, is there anyone else appointed by Barry O who can be said to be a truly dedicated Public Servant?

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