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February 16, 2009


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Ignore them. It is my preference after the primaries ended. I have lost some old friends but made some new so it is not too bad. Life goes on.


You wrote: "The problem with what FDR did was that it showed an unwillingness to win his case for the New Deal through politics and suggested a profound disrespect for those who disagreed with him politically."

But that is not correct.

FDR had WON the case politically; the legislation HAD been PASSED by Congress. It was the Supreme Court that had overturned the will of the elected representatives of the people.

Other than that, I loved your response and agree with you.


Great response, Heidi, Kudos to a professional woman who has some spunk!

I'm also really warmed by the support you've received from other like-minded bloggers. I so enjoy the fact that we've formed a community in the blogosphere and that we are there for one another.

Best wishes!


It's shocking when a lawyer dismisses an instution follow its own rules, that is , laws ...and calls an expectation of those laws being followed a formalistic obsession....

Well I HOPE so! It would be great if more were obsessed with the rule of law!

Heidi, you go girl!

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