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February 02, 2009


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Kinda makes you wonder about Bill Richardson, doesn't it?


Great Post!

"Yes, tax evasion is bad (Reid and Obama cannot seem to quite bring themselves to say "illegal") but as long as Geithner and Daschle know how to act contrite and express embarrassment, they really ought to get the jobs they want. But this is no way to create a sense of respect for the rule of law, that respect that George W. Bush never displayed. To restore respect is a tough task and it requires demonstrating little tolerance for those who break laws directly relevant to the responsibilities of the offices they seek."

Totally agree with you!


Bravo, Heidi! This really needed to be said and you've done it with your usual DD.


Obama also said that Bush was a good guy, so I, for one, do not deem Obama's evaluation as relevant.


And yet, the Productivity officer, who was found not to have paid roughly $1000 in nannie unemployment comp taxes, must withdraw. In the meantime Tom Daschle and Tim Geithner are irreplaceable, and their tax woes easy to overlook. Go figure.


Bravo! Heidi, this is a terrific, straight-from the heart post here. Obama stole the election from his African-American mentor Sen. Alilce Palmer in Chicago in '96. He stole the nomination from his far superior opponent, Sen. Hillary Clinton 12 years later. A president who has no respect for the laws of the land he professes to represent and honor does not represent or honor his country. Tom Daschle was not even a lawyer, yet he worked in a law firm as "advisor" receiving $1,100,000 a year compensation for god knows what! Then he was on the board of the equity firm that allowed him to live like an aristocrat while others are hurting--with a chaffeaur and limo and so he got another million. Plus 300,000 from pharmaceutical and health insurance firms. Plus another 250,000 a year sitting on BP's board. And this privileged Obama mentor wants to cheat the people out of $140,000 taxes! What's wrong with Obama's vetting machine? Guess periodically he feels 'down' and starts launching attacks against democracy to boost his appeal...

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