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February 08, 2009


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I'm sorry but this smells like a sell out to me. I cannot help but wonder if NOW would have endorsed Hillary earlier and would have taken a stronger, more visible stance against the misogyny in the primaries, as one would logically expect from NOW, if things would have turned out differently. How depressing.


I guess she is finally getting her reward for her atrocious behavior. I hope this isn't true, or if it is that she doesn't get the job. Sell-outs should not be rewarded. I think she's just awful!


Correction- last posted before I edited for spelling.

We must stand Up against this steady stream of women selling out to the man. We can never gain our rightful place nor our equal rights if we continue to sit at their table and play their game by their rules and sell out our own.

If Kim Gandy wants to play their game -then she needs to pay the price. She should be voted out of both her positions in NOW because she does not represent us the way we want her to and we certainly do not want her in high places in our Govt.

NOW is member driven organization - if not it should be. We the women of the nation should join in droves in the first week of March, National Women's History Month and as members, we need to be at the June convention and be heard.

Let's make this OUR organization not in name only- let's take it over in all 50 states and make it work for us. We do not need a seat at a corrupt table. Let us set our own agenda and at our own table! NOW should be ours now!

Remember March 1st 2009 join your state NOW organization we have nothing to loose but one year membership dues.

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Knowing what we have learned about Obama, she may end up as Gretchen.


Well said, BJ.

From Heidi Li's post: "I think N.O.W. had very little evidence of Barack Obama's commitment to women's empowerment, little evidence of even his commitment to women's reproductive rights ...."


This is crucial. Hold Barack Obama accountable.


Kim Gander appears to have become caught up in the means justify the ends whirlpool of sewage politics. This is fostered by a society which believes it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. If she secures the position then we must become the caretakers to ensure her feet are held to the fire.

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