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February 16, 2009


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"domestic " violence means it was kept at home and not quite as bad as endangering the public ; just the ones in the home.. BUT if that had been a stranger the whole town would be up in arms because they might be next .
The tolerance for this kind of violence is even greater than what would be normal for a pet. if he had beheaded the family dog, the "public" would be more horrified and reactions and the response would be much stronger.

Stray Yellar Dawg

Well, it is nice to see NOW, NY come out with a serious statement. But where is National NOW? Are they too busy endorsing their Supermen?

Quite frankly, this should be national news.

And we should also be hearing from Muslim clerics, nationwide, with their denouncements.


Puma for Life

Here is a link to a story on my blog. I am not promoting my blog, but the Indian women who found a way to figh this crap. And it's a way for us to look at and maybe do ourselves. I also sent it to NY NOW. Sisters,we need to act, not just write!

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