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March 14, 2009


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This seems like such an insignificant step to me. It's one of many diversions this administration creates to create the impression as if they were doing something when - in fact - they're not doing anything. Like the fact that Guantanamo is still open, that Obama does not want those wrongfully imprisoned and tortured to be able to sue the government, and that the government is still defending John "Torture Memos" Yoo.


The Council seems designed to be unable to take any action or make any statement embarrassing to Obama.

It's led, not by feminists, but by cronies of Obama with little or no background working for women's issues.

Its membership (should it ever have any meetings or take any votes) automatically includes all Cabinet members and some department heads -- thus heavily weighted with men, who owe their high salary day jobs to Obama.

It was created all of a piece with these leaders and this membership, with no time for public input -- an Alinsky sort of maneuver.

This seems wrapped up so tightly, with no chinks for outside input -- that it gives the impression Obama must be afraid of something....


Heidi, I know you always take a measured and thoughtful approach, so I'm interested to hear you say that dropping some of the language that aids and abets our crimes of State is a positive move.

Myself, I've been sick that we've been told, in court, that this Administration will continue the crimes themselves.

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